Environmental monitoring system. oceanographic buoys

When technology provides the opportunity to obtain relevant information about the state of the water in real time, one can be one step ahead in decision-making.

Oceanographic buoys are customized stations for the permanent water analysis in the area in which they are installed. Let's take an example: prior to the appearance of red tides due to an increase in microalgae, an oceanographic buoy is capable of detecting this outbreak in advance, offering data for harvesting mollusks in aquaculture earlier, without being altered by this natural phenomenon. In this way, they are suitable for human consumption, and large economic losses are avoided. 

Casco Antiguo is responsible for providing clients with the best technology to achieve their objectives at the best cost by using easy-to-maintain and durable equipment and, obviously, by providing comprehensive support from the very beginning of the project.

We are suppliers of several manufacturers, and our purpose is to meet the highest standards, always at the best price. Our state-of-the-art instruments are tested worldwide and can be integrated with multiple chemical parameters, current meters, fluorometers, nutrient measuring systems, weather stations, among others.

We have 3 manufacturers of oceanographic buoys with different distributions worldwide: 

Boyas oceanográficas y sistemas de monitoreo ambiental

Osil is an English manufacturer of buoys that integrates a large number of sensors according to requirements. It can fulfill any aim and demands, and all its products are provided together with excellent support.

NKE is a French company that develops its own multiparameter sensors with calibration, reducing costs enormously. It works closely with Ifremer France and is constantly developing new technologies in order to provide high-quality monitoring at the best price on the market.

EIVA is a Danish manufacturer of compact buoys for coastal use that fit perfectly in the harbor area in order to provide high-quality information in real time.

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