Full Diving Control Panel


When Leonardo Da Vinci invented his first diving suit prototype in the 16th century, he had the human need to know and explore the underwater world in mind. Centuries later, professional / commercial diving has become an indispensable specialization for performing underwater operations in which the diver, the operator, and the tender, the operations director, must be constantly connected to achieve the objectives set.

Having everything under control from the surface and from a single device is the main advantage the new FULL DIVING CONTROL SBQ panel offers. Work with up to 3 divers simultaneously, as it is a portable supply system for controlling and monitoring operations, designed to supply air from the surface, control the depth of the divers, communicate and visualize divers' operations from the surface. 

The FULL DIVING CONTROL SBQ is made up of corrosion resistant components, the entire valve system and connections are made of stainless steel and its front panel is made of powder coated aluminum, which makes the equipment very resistant to corrosion and increases its useful life. It comes in a transport case suitable for work in all types of environments, thanks to its high quality materials and connectors.

Casco Antiguo is a supplier and manufacturer of professional diving equipment, offering highly versatile, safe and cost-effective products for companies working underwater.

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