Kirby Morgan in the United States

The trajectory, service, and high quality offered to commercial diving clients turn the multinational company of diving products, Casco Antiguo, which is located in Florida, into the new distributor in the USA of the prestigious trademark Kirby Morgan Dive Systems.

Thanks to this business relationship, it is possible to find in the catalog a product range that includes Kirby Morgan helmets, masks, and control devices for the whole American market. This agreement also includes the distribution of K&M in Mexico, Panama, Chile, Portugal, and Spain.

This material is necessary for the daily work of companies that carry out underwater jobs, the army, maritime rescue, professional divers, fish farms, among others.  In addition, all spare parts are offered, providing an added value to this new official distribution.  

Casco Antiguo USA, which is a member of the ADC (Association of Diving Contractors International), has become a benchmark in the commercial diving industry by offering a diversification of products and distribution channels for recreational, technical, and commercial diving products, as well as oceanography material and a complete line of search and rescue equipment. 

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The Kirgby Morgan 37 helmet continues the tradition of offering the highest quality and best performance. With a new "Quad-Valve air expulsion system, which can go fitted in most previous Kirby models. Providing less expulsion resistance than the previous system in addition to including even better sealing. recommended for diving in polluted waters.


M-48 MOD-1 MASK WITH REGULATOR : The M-48 Mod-01 mask is a latest generation mask. It maintains the exclusive design of two cavities, which allows to extract the lower module when we are on the surface in order to save air. Can also be used with different communication systems.


SUPERLITE 27 HELMET The SuperLite® 27 helmet has been tested and fulfilled the prerequisites established in Annex II of Directive 89/686 / EEC and complies with EN 250: 2000, EN 250 / A1: 2006 and EN 15333-1: 2008 (class B). Is fully CE validated with SuperFlow® 350 demand regulator and oral / nasal mask P / N 510-690 and P / N 510-747.

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