Remote Operate Vehicle. Learn about ROV technology

Unmanned underwater vehicle that reaches up to 2,000 meters deep.

The study of the seabed is something fascinating and, thanks to current technology, we can have devices capable of collecting data remotely, while respecting the preservation of the ocean floor.

One of the equipment that best fulfills this task is the ROV (Remote Operate Vehicle) submarine. A vehicle purchased by the IOE (Spanish Institute of Oceanography), supplied and developed by Casco Antiguo. The ROV allows you to dive to great depths and analyze the depths completely remotely, making it ideal for exploring the oceans.

One of the last missions of this device was the search and recovery of the bodies of Anna, Olivia and Tomás Gimeno, so the uses of this equipment cover different areas and can meet different objectives.

This unmanned underwater vehicle can operate at depths of more than 2,000 meters, making it an indispensable tool in the most complex operations. You can check here the technical specifications of this amazing vehicle.


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