ROV Tortuga for seabed analysis

Supplied by Casco Antiguo to the Portuguese Navy

Through its Oceanography and Underwater Technology Division, Casco Antiguo has provided the Portuguese Navy with an ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) model Subsea Tech Tortuga, to carry out observation, sampling and analysis of the seabed.  This model is specially adapted to the specifications of the public tender as well as to the Hydrographic Institute's own requirements.

The ROV Tortuga is a highly portable equipment that does not require the use of LARS, is hydrodynamic and features an innovative system with four horizontal propellers with a 17 kgf thrust each. The arrangement of each propeller can be changed remotely for maneuvering in conditions involving shifting or strong currents, low visibility, or long-range inspections.

It is fitted with a series of sensors and tools to obtain the highest return of information in each of its subsea inspections. An inertial navigation system that is used as a compass. Pressure sensor to indicate ROV depth. Altimeter to know ROV elevation from the seabed. Temperature sensors and tachometers for engines. Laser measurement tool for object dimensioning. An object handling device shaped like a pincer. It also features a Sonar for underwater imaging and two Full HD cameras to watch the entire dive process live.

A training course was held for the Portuguese Navy during the ROV delivery, given by Subsea Tech and Casco Antiguo personnel to provide equipment, service and assistance for the use of this state-of-the-art equipment.

One step further towards understanding the seabed of which we are very proud to be a part.

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