Saturation System

In December 2020, Casco Antiguo successfully carried out the supply of a complete saturation diving system for 12 divers to work at depths of up to 300 meters. This system, manufactured in Singapore, was commissioned by one of the largest Mexican companies that supplies oil and gas services in the Gulf of Mexico. The equipment is scheduled to become operational in 2022 to undertake projects contracted by the oil company PEMEX.


The equipment has two living chambers for 6 divers each, a TUP system, a dry hood for 3 people with capacity to go down 300 meters, a dive control container, winches and a launching gantry, besides all the required compressors and systems to operate the system. A Helium recirculation station and hot water machines for divers are also provided. Finally, the system also includes an HRC hyperbaric lifeboat, available in the event of an emergency.


Casco Antiguo was in charge of the logistics of shipping the equipment to Mexico, a very complex maneuver due to the enormous size of the system.


Thanks to this, Casco Antiguo becomes one of the main suppliers of diving equipment in Latin America, adding to its extensive supply catalog of air diving equipment the much larger and more complex saturation diving systems.

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