TERES ROV your underwater remote-controlled vehicle partner

With the high capabilities of a mini-ROV and the price of a basic commercial ROV, TERESROV becomes the perfect vehicle to investigate and explore the seabed, explore ports, ships, fish farms, diver assistance, SAR (search and recovery) operations, etc.

It has a strong frame and a 1,100W surface power supply system, as well as intense dimmable lights that will allow you to perform excellent live HD video transmission. Despite this, the TERESROV is easily maneuverable and stable, making it convenient to transport.

It also has 6 (although we also offer 8) T200 thrusters and basic ESC, maintaining an excellent thrust-to-weight ratio for the most demanding tasks.

It works with the open source ArduSub software and the Navigator autopilot, is easy to configure and has an autonomy rarely seen in a mini-ROV.

If you operate in shallow water, with a standard depth of 100 meters and cable lengths up to 250 meters, the TERESROV is perfect for your dives.

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