Rosa, a member of our great family

In Casco Antiguo we are proud to have a young, prepared team, highly specialized in their field and most importantly, excited to contribute their bit to be able to carry out what we like the most, the world of diving.

In our company what matters is the human value that each one of us can contribute to make Casco Antiguo grow.

  • Today we want to introduce you to Rosa, a member of our great family:

  • Name: Rosa Zambrano Roa

  • Profession: Electrical Engineer

  • Age: 32 years

  • Department: After-Sales Service

  • Profile description: Rosa is a professional with 6 years of experience in the electrical sector and 4 years of experience in repair and commissioning of underwater technological equipment. During this time she has trained as a specialist in the diagnostics and repair of remotely operated underwater vehicles such as Fifish, Seadrone, ECA and Teledyne Seabotix.

Among her activities is the training of pilots and users of underwater vehicles, implementation of underwater technology, search for solutions to special requirements, analysis and design of electrical circuits, optimization of parts and components of different underwater technological products, fault diagnosis and equipment repair.

Categories: Oceanography

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