Affordable, professional-level multibeam sounder

For more than a decade, WASSP has delivered professional-level multibeam sounders with a product and price-point that bridges the gap between single-beam sonar and higher-priced MBES systems. The S3 is one of the world’s most cost-effective, professional survey and mapping multibeam sonar solutions. Designed as a mid-level sounder, the S3 will meet your budget, operational needs and future technology roll-out. And it lets you cover your survey area up to 10 times faster than a single-beam sounder.

Now you can understand what you’re looking at with the new S3 including RPM

The new 2021 WASSP S3 introduces RPM (Real-time Processing Module) which enhances seafloor tracking and ping rates, to give more accuracy and detail in your surveys. The RPM module works as a license, processing data via the DRX unit, and allowing higher quality data to be exported for use with 3rd party survey applications. Scanning a 120-degrees swathe, port-to-starboard, and using advanced signal processing, the S3 gives you a complete and accurate picture of seafloor bathymetry so you can really understand what you’re looking at.

With RPM you can choose to use the new, enhanced WASSP CDX for all your WASSP system set-up and live operational graphical user interface, enabling live or interface directly to your survey suite, including HYPACK, BeamworX, EIVA and QINSy and others with a range of export options.


This innovative, low power (equivalent to 1kW), all-in-one “black box” is not just a robust a robust hardware platform. It also introduces world-leading, cutting-edge technical innovations and incredible versatility for a variety of applications, from finding your catch and exploring new areas, to surveying and mapping. This opens up countless new opportunities for your operations.

The DRX Transceiver is the heart of the WASSP system, which provides live processing of your data to deliver realistic sounder and mapping graphics.

It has the processing power of a supercomputer. 

The DRX is the core of all further developments, so you're future-proofed.

CDX Operating System

WASSP Generation 3 introduces a new simplified WASSP CDX for control, visualisation and data management, while still providing a comprehensive set of functions to meet the most demanding fishing requirements.

WASSP CDX 3D image

Features Include:

• High resolution mapping

• Multi-resolution mapping has a single database that becomes more detailed the more you zoom in

• A clever algorithm takes best data from an old recording and new recording, providing for near-seamless mapping

• Great high-resolution single, triple and Quint beam sounder providing a very clear visibility of both water column and sea floor

• Single, triple and Quint beam high definition sounder F Series only

• Sonar view to give instant current sounder view

• Side scan when licensed

• 2D and 3D Mapping with or without Water column targets and Backscatter when licensed

• Simplified graphical user interface

• Focused on WASSP data presentation not multi-functional

• Presents in a very accurate raw manner with minimal data cleaning or averaging

• Enhances the core benefits of WASSP

• Multi resolution database with automatic, depth-adjusted, best resolution mapping that can be used in all depths zoom in for higher resolution

• Water column targets gain is aligned to give same colour in all modes

Highly Sensitive WASSP Transducers

With the highly sensitive WASSP WMB-160 transducers, you get much more depth than similar powered traditional sounders. With processing from very low comparable transmission power WASSP transducers give you very good clarity in both deep and shallow water. 


WMB-160 Transducer

Like many commercial fishing transducers, the WMB-160 is designed to be mounted in a sea chest.

This gives you the flexibility to have a custom-made sea chest for your specific vessel.

Wideband Fairing Transducer

WASSP Wideband Transducers are externally mounted and come with a Fairing Block option - Ideal for for sports fishing, super yacht tenders and smaller wooden commercial fishing vessels.

Frequency range - From 90 to 190kHz

Chirps plus or minus 30kHz when driven by the DRX. Typically installed with middle frequency of 160kHz with Chirp cover of 130 to 190kHz but equally comfortable with centre at 120kHz and Chirp range from 90-150kHz. All adjustments are made in the DRX.

Depth is from 1m to 200m with F3 or 400m with the F3X.  Range resolution from the high bandwidth allows less than 2cm resolution in shallow water.

Weight including 10m cable is 14.5kg.  Other paper specifications are identical to the previous WASSP 160 kHz Transducer

WASSP Multibeam sounders can provide the user with stunning 3D images. However to do this requires quality sensors to provide accurate and fast updates of position, heading, pitch, roll and heave. The more accurate this data, the more accurately WASSP will display a 3D picture of the sea floor and fish. WASSP is compatible with a range of sensors from entry level recreational fishing applications all the way up to survey quality with correction services.


WASSP IMU-038 WSP-002-120 new

WASSP WSP-038 Standalone Motion Sensor

P/N WSP-002-120 

WASSP WSP-038 standalone motion sensor with a 5m cable that connects directly to the RS422B port. This sensor is recommended for any F3X or F3 DRX after 389. It can be used with any suitable satellite compass. The sensor is RS422 so cable runs can be extended to almost any length.

WSP-002-018 new

WASSP Sensor box with WSP-038 Motion Sensor

P/N WSP-002-018 

This provides a termination point for the satellite compass and power and contains the WSP-038 motion sensor. A 5m premade cable then carries the combined power, heading, position and motion sensor data to the drx over a single 5m cable. Wired for RS232 input / output and designed for use with the V123 antenna.

 WSP-002-075 SMC-108 new

Motion Sensor 

P/N WSP-002-075

SMC-108 is a motion sensor from ship motion control. It is used for higher end applications and survey when mapping with reduced motion errors is required. 




The V123 is an all-in-one single-frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna. It provides Atlas decimeter-level position and precise heading. This rugged design is sealed for harsh environments and is a great solution for professional marine and other challenging applications. The V123 combines easy install with consistent, precise heading accuracy and decimeter positioning.


The V200 offers an incredible combination of simple installation, small form factor, and amazing performance. The compass – measuring only 35 cm in length – mounts easily to a flat surface or pole. The stability and maintenance-free design of the Vector V200 provides simple integration into autopilots, chart plotters, and AIS systems.


The V500 is an all-in-one multi frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna that provides RTK-level position and precise heading. This rugged design is sealed for harsh environments and is a great solution for professional marine and other challenging applications. The V500 combines easy install with consistent, precise heading accuracy and RTK positioning.

Satellite Compass New


SATELLITE COMPASS™ (GPS COMPASS) SC-33 Satellite Accuracy, Unwavering Heading, Heading Accuracy of 0.4°, Strong against multipath, Multi-GNSS, NMEA2000 certified, Perfect for Radar, TT, AIS, Sonars and Autopilots.


SATELLITE COMPASS™ (GPS COMPASS) SC-70 GNSS-powered high accuracy compass High precision and accurate heading of 0.4° (SC-70) Perfect for Radar, ECDIS, AIS, Doppler Sonar and Autopilot.



SATELLITE COMPASS™ (GPS COMPASS) SC-130 GNSS-powered high accuracy compass High precision and accurate heading of 0.25° (SC-130) Perfect for Radar, ECDIS, AIS, Doppler Sonar and Autopilot.

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