SONIC 2024

The world’s first broadband-wideband high resolution multibeam sonar for unprecedented system versatility, productivity, and performance.

SONIC 2022

Small form factor multibeam sonar, ideal for remote vehicle and small boat operations, with a range of up to 400m+.

SONIC 2020

Highly portable, our entry level multibeam sonar is small, easy-to-use and offers remarkable performance for a competitive price. 

SONIC 2026

The unique option to survey at 90kHz/100kHz operating frequency for extended range coverage.


Sound Metrics image sonars transmit sound pulses and convert the returns to digital images, much like medical ultrasound. The big advantage is that they allow you to "see" what is happening in waters where visibility is zero, with total darkness and cloudy water.


Affordable, professional-level multibeam sounder