Stanley hydraulic tools

Underwater hydraulic tools from the Stanley brand are highly recognized for their quality, durability, and effectiveness in subaquatic environments. These tools are designed to operate underwater, providing professionals with the power and precision needed to perform safe and efficient underwater tasks.

Casco Antiguo offers some of these hydraulic tools as a specialized distributor in underwater equipment, including:

• UNDERWATER HYDRAULIC GRINDER: Ideal for cutting various materials in underwater environments, such as ropes, wire meshes, cables, and other elements.

UNDERWATER CHIPPING HAMMER: Used for demolition tasks, breaking rocks, or concrete underwater, offering powerful and precise performance.

UNDERWATER SINKER DRILL: Ideal tools for drilling in different underwater materials, such as rocks, concrete, steel, and more, with high efficiency and precision.

WASTE PUMP: Equipment that provides the necessary power to drive hydraulic tools in aquatic environments, ensuring optimal and safe operation.


If you wish to obtain more detailed information about Stanley's underwater hydraulic tools available through Casco Antiguo or have other specific inquiries, feel free to contact the company directly for personalized advice and find the best solution for your underwater requirements.

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