The Hyperlite 1 is the world leading portable hyperbaric chamber and the only internationally approved non-metallic chamber capable of any 100% Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)


The Hyperlite SL3 is an ASME PVHO-1 Case 18 Compliant, lightweight single-lock hyperbaric chamber designed for multiple occupants. The system utilises SOS Group patented flexible braided tube technology in a single fold-out case


The Hyperlite DL5 is the only ASME PVHO-1 Case 18 compliant, foldable, modular, lightweight double-lock hyperbaric chamber designed for use in challenging military environments, such as military diving operations or submarine escape & rescue

copy of SRP 3 Buzos IMCA

The FULL DIVING CONTROL SBQ panel is a portable control and monitoring supply system for surface supplied air diving operations for three divers. The system has been designed to supply air from the surface, control the depth of the divers, have communication and visualize the operations of the divers from the surface.