Casco Antiguo, a leading company in underwater technology distribution, presents the UWIS, an advanced underwater localization system. It is an innovative system that combines GPS, ultrasonics, and triangulation to offer exceptional real-time precision in the location of professional divers, ROVs, or any submerged element through WiFi.

With the UWIS, military divers, rescue teams, and other professionals can benefit from precise localization. The system covers an area of up to 1000 meters, and its advanced software allows simultaneous localization of up to 100 divers, thus ensuring efficient and safe coordination.

Main Features of UWIS:

  • UWIS Pro Case: This ready-to-use case requires minimal installation; simply load the software onto a computer and it's ready to operate.
  • Diver Unit: Designed to attach to the diver's air bottle, this unit connects to the diving computer either wired or wirelessly via ultrasound.
  • Buoy Unit: Equipped with GPS sensors and Wi-Fi connection, it facilitates the location of diver units through ultrasound triangulation.

The addition of UWIS to the Casco Antiguo catalog expands its range of high-quality products for divers, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and innovation in the professional diving world.

For more information on the UWIS underwater location system and where to purchase it, please visit the following link on the web: 


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