Do you know hydrography and oceanography are very different sciences?

While hydrography is a branch of geography that deals with the study of the water column (depth) and shape of the sea floor and coastline in a given space of the planet earth (location), where instruments such as echo sounders, side scan sonars, GNSS and other positioning equipment are used; Oceanography is a science dedicated to the study of the oceans, which serves to discover and determine all the chemical and physical processes that occur in the sea, as well as all the concurrent phenomena and living organisms that inhabit the entire ocean using instruments like ADCP, ocean wave sensors, tide gauges, among other equipment as the means to acquire the study data.

With these definitions we can summarize that hydrography intervenes in all water sources of the world, both fresh and salty (seawater), but only in specific studies of its depth, shape of the bottom and location, while oceanography is focused on all the oceans, its intervention with the continents and the atmosphere together with the study of the living beings that inhabit there.

Knowing the great difference between both fields of application, Casco Antiguo as a company allied to the research processes of each of these sciences, has been able to characterize and classify the equipment according to their utility, establishing identification parameters for customers, in order to facilitate in a timely manner the supply of instruments that may be required before and during the development of research and / or work focused on oceanography and hydrography.

With the above Casco Antiguo confirms its commitment as a facilitator of essential means in the study of the world's water sources and the oceans. Our staff has extensive highly specialized experience in oceanography and hydrography to always offer the best advice in your project and purchase, as can be seen in the recent participation in the installation of the buoy for the study of cetaceans in Chile or in the recent expedition to the San Jose Galleon in Colombia, where Casco Antiguo advised the Colombian Navy without compromise.

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