X-Vision HD Closed-Circuit Television

Simple equipment that offers sophisticated solutions

Thanks to CCTV, it is possible to transmit images from the seabed to the surface in an intuitive, direct and professional way. On this occasion, we present X-Vision HD, an underwater CCTV developed by Casco Antiguo's Professional Diving Division R&D engineering team.

This device can record audio and video in HD from up to 4 divers simultaneously

transmitting in real time the diver's view with direct information for decision-making.The equipment can be included in operating stations with single phase power supply or taken to any dive site, as it can be connected to a 12v standard battery, resulting in a high performance portable device.

The tender from the main monitor visualizes the images captured by the HD camera and the 20W LED light attached to the diver's helmet. It is possible to control the intensity of the spotlight by means of a dimmer, as well as to view the recording later thanks to its internal storage system in a high capacity hard disk that can transfer the information directly through a USB port.

In short, this equipment is suitable for work in all kinds of situations, thanks to its case resistant to marine environments and its high quality materials and connectors.

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