The latest innovation in underwater safety and performance: SRP 3 IMCA Divers

From Casco Antiguo, a leader in the underwater equipment and supplies market, we present one of our latest products: the SRP 3 IMCA Divers. This new release marks a significant milestone in the underwater industry by combining the most advanced technology with the highest safety standards. 

What is the SRP 3 IMCA Divers?  

The SRP 3 IMCA Divers is the result of years of research and development, specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals working in demanding underwater environments. Whether it's for salvage operations, marine structure inspections, or underwater construction work, this equipment is the ideal choice to ensure exceptional performance and, most importantly, diver safety.  

With the SRP systems, the tender will be able to control dive safety, as it includes CCTV, gas control panel, and a complete communication network.  

Furthermore, it's perfect for small vessels, as this SRP features coiled umbilicals that allow for perfect positioning.  

Key Features:   

- Ergonomic Design: The SRP 3 is designed with the diver's comfort in mind during long dives. Portability of these systems is crucial for maneuvers where a quick full equipment deployment is required.  

- Cutting-Edge Technology: This product incorporates the latest technological innovations, including advanced communication systems, environmental monitoring, and an intuitive user interface for complete control underwater.  

- Top-Level Safety: Safety is always the highest priority at Casco Antiguo. The SRP 3 complies with the strictest safety standards, and its design incorporates additional safety features such as automatic flotation systems and emergency alerts. Additionally, this system accommodates 50-liter cylinders, both steel and composite, depending on weight requirements.  

- Durability and Reliability: Manufactured with the highest-quality materials, the SRP 3 is designed to withstand the most adverse conditions and ensure reliable performance on each dive.