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Planet earth is made up of ¾ parts of water, which is more than enough reason to have become a field of study and application of new technologies.
On this occasion, we would like to dedicate a few lines to MetOcean products. Casco Antiguo is a distributor of this brand specialized in different oceanography areas, starting from our delegation in Chile, from where we offer our clients a complete and personalized range of MetOcean's products.
MetOcean is a Canadian company whose R&D and production facilities are located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. It develops customized defense and security products, including the integration of Iridium satellite, which is able to provide accurate data at all times.
The following products can be highlighted from among its range developed for oceanography:

NOVATECH ™ Satellite Beacons
Near real-time data and recovery are an integral part of ocean study and exploration, providing real-time data and recovery coordinates via Iridium® or Argos satellites.
The beacons are attached to underwater equipment such as ROVs, AUVs, UUVs, OBS platforms, deep sea moorings, and scientific equipment. When the equipment returns to the surface, the Satellite Beacon starts transmitting automatically to provide a satellite signal to aid in the recovery of the equipment. They can also be used during surface projects for a number of applications.

iSPHERE Drifting Buoy
It is a low cost, bi-directional spherical drifting buoy developed to meet the demanding needs of the offshore oil industry, the ocean freight industry and the oceanographic scientific community. The buoy was specifically designed to track and monitor oil spill incidences.

Ais-Iridium Drifter
AIS / IRIDIUM 4950B.AIS / IR-F marker and tracking buoy. This second generation AIS Drifter Buoy with optional IRIDIUM transponder is designed to mark and track oil spills and other floating objects.
Code/Davis Drifter

The CODE / DAVIS drifter has been designed and tested to meet the performance criteria of the CODE (Coastal Ocean Dynamics Experiment) drifter developed by Dr. Russ Davis of SIO. The CODE / DAVIS drifter is an inexpensive solution to acquire coastal and estuarine water currents within one meter of the water surface.

Lagrangian Current-following Drifter
The Surface Velocity Program (SVP, iSVP) drifting buoy is a Lagrangian current-following drifter designed to track water currents (15 meters deep) below the ocean surface.

Novatech™ Flashers
The ocean is deep, vast and, for the most part, still undiscovered. NOVATECH™ beacons and flashers are an integral component of ocean exploration and study. Flashers provide the added safety of a visual aid with an intense flashing light to assist in recovery missions.
In addition, NOVATECH™ radio beacons are used in a wide variety of submersible and surface applications. During submersible applications, they are attached to underwater equipment such as ROV, AUV and scientific equipment. When the equipment returns to the surface, the Radio Beacon automatically turns on to provide a radio signal to assist in the recovery of the equipment.

This lightweight, ergonomically designed handheld direction finder can operate continuously for up to 20 hours on only one battery. Helps detect and track NOVATECH™ radio beacons on land or at sea.

Without a doubt, MetOcean offers a comprehensive range of products to help gain greater control of offshore operations. Their products stand out for their quality and competitive price, and are sure to meet our clients' expectations.

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