Salon de la Plongée 2024 Casco Antiguo Stand F27

Casco Antiguo - Stand F27 - Salón de la Plongée 2024

Casco Antiguo, a global supplier in the supply of underwater equipment, will showcase the different lines of business in diving, military, oceanography, and rescue at the first fair of the year and the most important one in Europe, Salón de la Plongée, which will take place in Paris from January 11 to 14, 2024, Stand F27.

As an international company specializing in underwater technology, Casco Antiguo introduces the latest innovations in in-house manufactured equipment for professional diving to the French market. We offer a competitive product with maximum performance, quality, and service, highlighting gas panels and underwater communication systems designed to facilitate the work of underwater companies. Additionally, there will be a demonstration of the use of the Teres ROV led by our specialists (Saturday 13 January between 15:00h and 15:30h at the swimming pool in the hall).

Highlight the presence at the booth of our partner Stanley, a globally recognized brand for underwater hydraulic tools, such as hammers, saws, and water pumps essential for underwater jobs.

Furthermore, we will showcase a representation of TDS "Technical Dive System", a brand specialized in technical and military diving that is growing throughout Europe and the Americas. Dive centers, firefighters, civil protection, and other companies utilizing this type of equipment will have the opportunity to see the latest trends in dry suits, regulators, jackets, wings, underwater lighting, and accessories. By visiting the booth, you can explore the latest trends and special offers for both businesses and individuals seeking a leading brand made by and for divers.

Where can you find us? At our booth, F27, our team of experts will be available to provide you with personalized advice and share with you the latest trends and technologies in the world of diving.

We’re waiting for you!

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The Stanley Hidraulica Submarine CO23 Circular Saw was designed for use underwater, but it is also a very useful tool on land. The CO23 uses wet or dry abrasive diamond discs, with a standard 10 inch (25.4 cm) diameter for cutting metals or concrete.


The TDS Quebec drysuit, along with its twin the Norway, are the compressed neoprene range of TDS drysuits. The Quebec model includes a boot with a very light rigid sole, a feature that makes it very appreciated even by professional and commercial divers in their work. It also has a large pocket and flexible knee pads for protection.


The FULL DIVING CONTROL SBQ panel is a portable control and monitoring supply system for surface supplied air diving operations for three divers. The system has been designed to supply air from the surface, control the depth of the divers, have communication and visualize the operations of the divers from the surface.