The world's most accessible high performance ROV.

Ocean research, exploration and adventures are easily accessible with our flagship product, the BlueROV2.

It features the capabilities of a high-end commercial mini-ROV at the price of the most basic commercial ROVs, making BlueROV2 the “ordinary vehicle” for underwater inspection and research.

The ROV is smooth, stable and very manoeuvrable. It consists of six thrusters, a sturdy frame and quick-swap batteries. It also has powerful but dimmable lights that provide excellent illumination for high definition video feed.

Like all Blue Robotics products, we create the BlueROV2 with high quality parts, meticulous design and rugged reliability, which have been successfully tested in all areas. It is equipped with six powerful T200 thrusters and basic ESC. The BlueROV2 features the best thrust-to-weight ratio in its class for the most demanding jobs. It is ideal for operations in shallow to medium deep water, with a standard depth of 100m and a maximum length of 300m.

The BlueROV2 uses open source ArduSub software and the PixHawk autopilot to deliver stand-alone features rarely seen on a mini-ROV. Blue Robotics works immediately and updates its software to improve the functionality of BlueROV2. The vehicle comes virtually ready to use, with preconfigured subassemblies and instructional material to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Additional items such as the top computer, gamepad controller, and batteries are not included.

At Blue Robotics, we are committed to creating quality products accessible to all browsers

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