SRP 3 Buzos IMCA

SRP 3 Buzos IMCA


SRP 3 Buzos IMCA


The FULL DIVING CONTROL SBQ panel is a portable control and monitoring supply system for surface supplied air diving operations for three divers. The system has been designed to deliver air from the surface, control the depth of the divers, have communication and visualize the operations of the divers from the surface.

The pneumatic part of the FULL DIVING CONTROL SBQ panel is an air control system that has been designed with great functionality and simplicity with the aim of stopping an effective equipment that is easy to use and very accessible for any type of repair if necessary.

The equipment has independent stopcocks that allow total control of the air supply, both with regard to the choice of the air supply source, be it high pressure (HP) or low pressure (LP), the keys are easy to control as their physical arrangement allows the Tender to know whether or not air is being supplied to the divers.

One of the configurations that is incorporated into the panel is the use of three high-precision pressure regulators for high flow with a compensated shutter that limits the effects caused by the variation of the inlet pressure.

Another of the innovations of the FULL DIVING CONTROL SBQ panel are the depth gauges, which, compared to other models, have a measuring capacity of up to 100 meters, and the pneumo system includes a quick-action button panel, which facilitates a faster adjustment of the depth.

The electronic part of the FULL DIVING CONTROLSBQ panel consists of a communication and a closed circuit TV system for 3 divers, of great definition and quality for the marine environment.

In short, a system suitable for work in all types of environments, thanks to its suitcase resistant to marine environments and its high-quality materials and connectors.

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